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How Do We Raise Girls For A Kinder World?

How do we raise girls for a kinder world? Steve Biddulph, the world's best-selling author of Raising Boys (sold over 1 million copies) shares the story in his groundbreaking new book that helps our daughters grow up wise, soulful and strong. Unfortunately his talk at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney next Tuesday is sold out but is sure to be insightful and enriching. Recently Steve said, "I simply want your daughters to grow up liking themselves and believing in things that are more important than how you look and what you wear."

One of the important factors that Steve touches on in his book is "dropping the anxiety levels in our homes". I know from personal experience at different times in my life that anxiety can be detrimental so I make a conscious effort to keep my stress levels down. Some practical ways to keep anxiety at bay:

1. Talk it over with someone. “Getting it off your chest” actually has therapeutic value and you realize you are not alone! Talk to someone you respect and trust or ask about a counselor, mentor or therapist.  

2. Exercise relieves stress and lifts your mood. Living in a world that is so mind-orientated, it's important to move your body and get you out of your head. Do an exercise that you enjoy so then you will be more motivated to do it and have fun with it e.g swimming, walking in nature, yoga, dance, running, surfing, gym, tennis.

3. Set a limit to how long you spend online. While technology is beneficial in so many ways, investing too much time online can cause you to be unproductive or too caught up in other people's thoughts and activities. It's important not to ignore your real life and your own creative abilities. 

4. Shift your focus. When we're involved in a project, something we are passionate about or helping others it helps to take the focus off ourselves and our own problems. It's so important to break the habit of negative thoughts because whatever we think about is what we put our energy into creating in our lives. Practice positive thinking and let go of the inner critic.How do you share your love with the world? Love, old fashioned, never goes out of style - and it feels fabulous!


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