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Join The Juice Trend

Summer is the perfect time to detoxify your body and cleanse your winter waste so you will be refreshed and energised for summer action! Out with trapped toxins, in with new nutrients. Commit to a pure diet and reap the benefits.

Most people treat their cars better than their bodies. They would never ignore a warning light for an oil change or regular maintenance, but they often ignore the tell-tale signs that their body is in desperate need of a tune up. An unfortunate fact of our modern life is that even the healthiest body struggles with inferior nutrition, pollutants in the air, water and food supply and a lack of healthy activity. It’s no wonder that most of us don’t feel like the Formula One racing cars like we should!

Freshly squeezed juices have become the newest health trend. Drinking freshly squeezed juice flushes your body with antioxidants and vitamins in an easily digested form. This takes a load off your digestive system and allows the body to heal and repair. Benefits of juicing range from luminous skin, enhanced energy, mental clarity, detoxification of stored toxins, modifying the body pH to a more alkaline state to combat diseases such as gout, arthritis, liver damage, gastric ulcers and more. In comparison, bottled juices have been pasteurised so they do not go off on the shelf, but this heat destroys the vitamin C and other nutrients, leaving you with only fruit sugar and water.

However, in today’s modern age, when you are still working, exercising and under stress, I feel it is too much strain on the body to do a juice detox for longer than a couple of days. An easy way to incorporate the antioxidant potential of juicing would be to elect one day a week of juices only, or drink one juice everyday. Otherwise make sure you have time to rest and relax during any detox.

The gold standard of juicing is cold pressed juices. These juices are made with a traditional centrifugal machine. As the name suggests, the fruit and vegetables are pressed rather than sliced by spinning blades, which can overheat and oxidise the juice. Pressed juices are thick with an intense and vibrant taste, retaining the maximum amount of nutrients possible as well as the enzymes to aid digestion. They are the powerhouse of essential minerals and antioxidants and it would be difficult to eat enough greens to get the same nutrient impact.

Botanica is a hand crafted cold pressed juice company with a big vision for improving the health vitality of Australians. Started by juice converts, Richard and Nadia, together with an ex-Fratelli Fresh chef and food microbiologist, the Sydney based Botanica's blends taste as incredible as they make you feel. 
Try the mean, green Turtle Power ( kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, green apple, lemon) to the sweet, creamy Nut Bar ( almonds, vanilla bean, agave, medjool dates, cinnamon, and filtered water). Botanica juices are made from nothing but organic or chemical-free fruit, vegetables and nuts, freshly pressed by hand. Now available in Harris Farm Bondi, their landmark store at 547 Bourke St, Surry Hills and delivered to your door or workplace

Detox Tips
  • Rather than a morning coffee to pep you up, opt for a fresh juice instead. Carrot, celery, beetroot, ginger are particularly effective, while watermelon, pineapple and mint give a little summer zing. When the afternoon slump hits, rather than reaching for the biscuit jar, head to the juice bar for a healthy kick.
  • Green Smoothies are all the rage! Rather than juicing, buy a blender and simply blend your green veges with water for a quick antioxidant-rich, filling snack in itself: kale leaves, spinach, half a cucumber, half a lemon, 1 green apple or a banana for taste: bon appetit!
  • Elixir of Life: Drink at least 2 litres of water every day, carry a bottle of water with you wherever you go, always keep a jug of fresh water on your desk or at home. Contrary to popular belief, the more water you drink, the less fluid retention you will hold. If exercising a lot, add a little sea or Himalayan salt to your water to replace your electrolytes.
  • Summer Coolers: Make some iced herbal tea by adding ice cubes, slices of lemon/lime and a sprig of fresh herbs. Herbal teas can even be frozen into ice blocks for your children with added honey.
  • Going Herbal: Green tea and roasted dandelion coffee help the liver detoxify, while lemongrass and spearmint teas have a refreshing zing for summer.
  • Detox Your Mind: A good detox also includes some decluttering of your mind and your life to make space for the new to unfold. Take some time out for yourself to relax and rebuild your energy stores - there's plenty of summer parties ahead so you won't miss out! Consider what no longer serves you in your life....and let it go. Spend time doing what you love and are passionate about rather than wasting your time worrying about what everyone else is doing. Surround yourself with those people that genuinely care and bring out your best rather than simply boosting your ego.

By Claudette Wadsworth
BHSc, BA, Adv DN, Nut D, DRM, PostGrad NFM, MATMS, MNHAA

Naturopath, Nutritionist, specialist in Women's Health and Fertility
Bondi Junction 02 9389 3689

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