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Natural Remedies for Allergy Relief

Spring has arrived and with it misery for about 20% of the Australian population.Whether the culprit be dust mites, pollens, grasses, pollutants or foods, these allergens trigger the production of antibodies known as immunoglobulin E (IgE). These IgE antibodies then attach to specific immune cells known as mast cells and basophils causing them to release copious amounts of histamine and inflammatory chemicals. This results in the annoying symptoms of allergy such as runny itchy nose, watery eyes, irritated throat, skin rash and asthma.

Just as we need to spring clean the house once a year, spring is when the body needs a clean out as well to decrease the toxic load. Natural remedies work well to improve drainage and circulation of sinus/nasal passages, improve immunity, decrease allergic response and membrane inflammation.

  • Avoid Dairy, Sugars, soy milk and alcohol which all produce excess mucous and phlegm
  • Drink lots of Water! Try 3 days of only water, freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices. Sip on fresh ginger slices in hot water or fenugreek, peppermint or chamomile teas. Squeeze ½ lemon into your water jug/bottle.
  • Stop it before it starts! If it starts with an infectious bang, take homeopathic Aconite; for sneezing, take homeopathic Euphrasia; for a runny nose, take homeopathic Allium Cepa. Ask your local homeopath or health food store.
  • Eat as much onions, garlic, ginger, chilli, horseradish as you like, or other people can tolerate, as they are a natural antibiotic, will flush out excess mucous and decrease inflammation. A wonderful disguise for children or adults who do not like the taste is to slice an onion and pour a tablespoon of raw honey over the top. Keep it in the fridge in an airtight container and in 24 hours you have a sweet antibiotic syrup. A teaspoon/day of the liquid syrup helps kill any germs!
  • Increase your Vitamins. Take Vitamins C, A, Bioflavonoids and Zinc in one tablet or formula together daily. This will boost your immune system as well as decrease inflammation of the sinus/nasal passages. 
  • Herbal Magic. My favourite herbal mix for allergies includes Echinacea, Eyebright, Golden Rod, Golden Seal and Albizzia. These herbs decrease the allergy response and speed your recovery. 
  • Sinus Drainage Massage: 10 drops of eucalyptus or chamomile essential oils into 10ml rosehip/olive oil and massage around sinuses, inside nostrils, base of nose 3x day for 3 days. 
  • Steam Inhalations: add 6 drops of oils above to a bowel of hot water/bath/hot shower or to palms of hands & cup over nose. 
  • Salt Water Wash. Mix ½ tsp of sea salt to 1 cup water and use a dropper or neti pot to clear wash out your sinuses.Swimming in the ocean will have the same effect!
  • Exercise. Regular exercise that is stimulating and FUN helps unclog sinuses, increases circulation and reminds us to enjoy life! Try skin brushing each morning before showering.
If these handy hints do not provide relief, book in for a comprehensive, individual treatment plan.


Boost Your Baby Potential

7 Foods To Eat and 4 Things To Avoid To Increase Your Fertility

1. Flaxmeal Ground flaxseeds provide phytoestrogens which help balance hormones, are an excellent source of omega-3 oils and provide soluble fibre for your bowels. Buy an electric coffee and spice grinder for $30 from Kmart to freshly grind your flaxseeds every morning adding 1-2 Tb to your cereal or smoothie. If you want to pre-grind, keep in an airtight jar in the freezer to avoid rancidity.

2. Avocados Avocados are the perfect fertility food and even look like your uterus! They are high in vitamin E, which is essential for nourishing the reproductive system and acts as an antioxidant for your eggs, protecting them from damage or ageing. Half an avocado a day when in season is my fertility trick.

3. Oily Fish Sardines, trout, cod and salmon all contain omega-3 oils which are essential to hormone production as well as keeping your eggs supple and hydrated. These omega-3 oils also decrease inflammation, thereby helping implantation of the embryo into the uterus lining and decreases the risk of miscarriage that can be caused by an over active immune system. I tell my clients to include oily fish 3 times a week in your diet.

4. Broccoli Broccoli detoxifies environmental chemicals and pollutants that build up in the body and regulates excessive oestrogen, which is more common in women over 35.

5. Red Meat Iron is essential for energy, circulation and building the placenta in the first trimester. Protein is also the building block of hormones and helps control sugar cravings. I recommend 100g of lean red meat 3 times a week to my clients.

6. Dark Green Leafy Salads Leafy greens are full of folate, or folic acid, which is essential for cell replication throughout pregnancy as well as prior. They are also high in magnesium which is needed for muscle relaxation eg. uterine cramping and for blood sugar control. Eat like Popeye everyday so include plenty of spinach, rocket, baby spinach, mustard greens, endives, kale and bok choy in every meal.

7. Butter For lean or underweight women whose hormones are deficient, eating one teaspoon a day of organic butter provides healthy cholesterol which is the building block of hormones.

Any couple trying to conceive should avoid caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. Caffeine decreases calcium and iron absorption by 39%, is related to hormonal imbalances and increased risk of miscarriage. Alcohol affects the level of oestrogen and progesterone, is associated with menstrual cycle changes and inhibition of ovulation. Studies indicate there is no safe threshold of alcohol consumption in pregnancy. Evidence also indicates that smoking reduces the chances of conceiving by 10% to 40% per cycle and causes about 5,000 miscarriages a year.

A healthy body is a fertile body so start making changes today!


Spring Specials

Spring Special: 25% off initial consultation price for new clients for the month of September so if you've ever thought about seeing a Naturopath or Nutritionist, here's your chance! Call 9389 6000 or email me today

Change of Clinic Days: as of September I will be changing my clinic days in Bondi Junction to Thursdays 10am - 8pm and Fridays 8am - 7pm so come in for a Thursday late night consult til 8pm! I will still be practicing at The Jocelyn Centre in Clarence St CBD on Wednesdays 2- 7.30pm.

I am currently away for 2 weeks and return to business on Wednesday 5th September at The Jocelyn Centre in Clarence St in the city and Thursday 6th September at Soultonik in Bondi Junction.

Spring Into Action - How to Set Your Libido on Fire!

Testosterone is the hormone that fuels our sexual desire. Although regarded predominantly as a male hormone, some testosterone is needed in women as well. Symptoms of deficiency can include low energy and a non-existent sex drive. However, low libido can be due to stress, over-work and exhaustion, dietary deficiencies, alcohol and drug use, self esteem issues, communication breakdown in relationship, hormonal imbalances, peri-menopause, or emotional or mental upset. I often remind patients that libido is a by-product of good health physically, emotionally and mentally.

Aphrodisiac Keys:

  • Zinc is crucial for sexual reproduction and hormonal production. A quick zinc taste test will show whether you are deficient and white specks on your fingernails is often a telltale sign. Zinc is obtained in pumpkin seeds (pepitas), meat and oysters as well as supplements if you are deficient.
  • Pump Iron - working out with weights increases your natural testosterone levels and libido in both men and women so start some resistance training. If you are underweight or overweight, this will negatively impact your sex drive and hormonal balance so aim for a healthy weight for your height and build.
  • Herbal Love Potions - Several herbs are renowned for boosting libido and testosterone, specifically Tribulus, Damiana, Withania and Saw palmetto. However, these should be prescribed by a qualified herbalist as they can cause hormonal imbalances if they are not appropriate for the individual.
  • Belly Laugh - Laughter reduces the stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol, and triggers the release of endorphins, our feel-good chemicals, which relieves muscular tension and stress, heals hurts and resentments and unites people. So to destress, reconnect and freshen up your relationship or simply put a smile on your face and that of your partner, try a double endorphin cocktail of shared laughter, fun and play together in and out of the bedroom!
  • Sex on the Mind - Your libido is in your most important sexual organ, the one between your ears (not your legs). The more you think about sex, read sexy books whether it be erotic stories, romance novels or sex articles, think sexy, dress up in sexy clothes that make you feel good, the more your brain becomes sexual and begins to want more.
  • Sensual Touch - the brain doesn't require orgasm as the most important factor to determine that sex feels good. Hormones such as oxytocin (called the "cuddle hormone") are released through sensual and sexual touch as well, not just through orgasm. If your partner is having trouble climaxing, the best way to enjoy sex is to take away the goal of orgasm. 
  • Healthy Diet - A healthy diet cannot be underestimated in sex drive and hormone production. Eat plenty of vegetables, salads, lean protein, omega 3 oils such as oily fish, avocado, walnuts, olive oil, nuts and seeds everyday. Avoid sugars, fried foods, fast food, caffeine and alcohol which deplete the body of vital nutrients. 

These natural health tips will get your mojo back into action but occasionally low libido can be a sign of other serious illnesses. If your libido is low for an extended period of time, or if you have other health concerns, see a health professional.

Remember you are the sex god or goddess!

Travel Bug Bites!

By the time you read this I'll be on a plane headed to the glorious mountains of Colorado. Since I've had more than my fair share of travel in many exotic and off-the-beaten-track destinations, friends often ask me for travel advice so I thought I'd share a few personal tips I've collected over the years since I started backpacking at the age of 21.

Firstly, I always do my homework reading up on my destination, even if it's last minute on the plane - got to wile away those hours! Even if plans go out the window, which is actually the best part of travelling - not having to be tied to a timetable of terribly important commitments and appointments - you will have an idea of what you want to include or perhaps best to avoid so you don't walk into a cute grizzly bear and her cubs.

Secondly, try and pack as light as possible. Now I actually find this exceedingly difficult as I'm such a be-prepared-for-anything girl but I've honed my skills down over the years and it is always so much more enjoyable if you're not lugging a heavy suitcase around and then you have room for those spontaneous shopping treats. Wear your heavy shoes and jacket onto the plane to lighten your luggage.

Quick packing tips:
  • Pack breathable, natural fibres that you can re-wear without washing if necessary and not smell like a homeless beggar and which don't crease as much, such as wool and silk, or at least cotton.
  • Roll all your clothes when packing as they will unpack without so many creases so you can avoid ironing, given you are on holiday, and they take up less space this way so you can fit more into your bag. Stuff your undies, socks and t shirts into your shoes or corners of the bag.
  • Being a Naturopath, there's always a stack of vitamins I want to take with me so count out exactly how many you want of each for the trip and put into zip lock bags or a plastic pill box. The same goes for medications and anything that needs refrigeration wrap in aluminium foil to keep it as cool as possible. 
  • I hate plastic bags as they will finally breakdown well after I'm dead but I must concede they are perfect for travelling. They help organise your bag into sections, keep dirty clothes well away from clean, stops your moisturiser leaking all over your clothes - very important!
  • Depending on the weather, I always pack a sarong which can double as a towel, a scarf or a skirt. If I'm travelling into winter, I take a wool pashmina which you can wrap around your kidneys to keep warm, use as a scarf, an extra blanket, to lay over your legs on planes or trains, bundle up as a pillow, to brighten and smarten up your travelling clothes. Take it in your hand luggage onto the plane as the temperature is usually freezing I find, along with a thick pair of socks for once you kick off your shoes. 
  • Always pack one easy, throw-on, evening or party dress - you never know when or where you might end up! Silk is best as any creases smooth out when you hang it out in a hot steamy bathroom while you shower. You don't need to take jewellery or accessories to go with it - your natural, beauty and holiday exuberance will be the perfect match. You also don't want to be travelling with expensive or favourite jewellery pieces anyway as the potential for being lost or stolen is always higher when travelling as well as being a magnet for thieves.
  • Minimal is the key with your beauty products, ladies! Try Jojoba oil which is the closest oil to our natural skin oils which you can use for cleansing, face cream and body cream. I also drop into department stores and ask for “testers” of my favourite products, shampoo etc
  • Buy a pair of walking/running/gym shoes that are presentable enough as a day shoe as well. 
  • Tie a coloured ribbon onto your suitcase/backpack so then you can easily identify your bag as it rolls out amongst the multitude of identical bags so you can get through customs faster. It also adds character to your bag and cheers your spirit after a 12+ hour flight.
  • As soon as I'm off the plane, I try and go for a swim as soon as possible or at least have a bath or shower as the water (salt water preferrably) helps take the radiation and vibration out of the body which my travel expert mother has always taught me. Try it - it really makes a difference!
Naturopath's Travel Chest:
  • Temperature-stable (so it doesn't need refrigeration) Probiotic (good bacteria) with Lactoferrin and SB (Saccharomyces boulardii) - this is antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, aids in relief of travellers' diarrhoea, supports your gut health while travelling.
  • The most common complaint of travelling is constipation - different foods, new environments, sitting for hours on planes and in airports all take its toll! Keep walking wherever you can - up and down airport corridors while waiting for the next flight - to keep it all moving along and good for your circulation, drink heaps of water (3L a day to compensate for planes and hotel air conditioning) and take your own on planes when you can. I always travel with a pack of prunes - soak 2 overnight in a glass of water and eat it all first thing in the morning. If you know your system really shuts down, then go for a stronger herbal tablet. I also carry roasted dandelion teabags which help.
  • Echinacea tablets - keeps your immune system boosted, prevents colds and flus, if you get any infection, infected cut, 'flu or gastro, you can triple the dose safely and usually knock it on the head quickly. 
  • Good multivitamin as often your diet can be rather haphazard when travelling so it helps keep your energy levels high, especially if you are on the go, packing in as much as you can like me!
  • Chia seeds - light and highly nutritious, especially high in omega 3 oils which are more difficult to obtain when travelling as well as extra fibre for your bowels - pour into a zip lock bag and you only need 1 tsp per day.
  • Ear plugs and eye mask - you may feel ridiculous but you'll look better than anyone else when you walk off that plane. Planes are an excellent place for meditation as well and I always take a relaxation/visualisation track to drown out the noise when everything around me is too distracting. 
  • Rose essential oil - it comes in a small 12ml bottle which you can slip into your handbag. I use it as perfume as commercial perfumes are a toxic chemical concoction that defies rationality! Since it is only 5% in jojoba oil you can use neat on your skin to calm irritations, on acne breakouts, quietens the nerves and is the ultimate female oil to bring out your inner goddess.
  • Chamomile tea bags - my favourite to calm the mind and body, use as an eye wash or to relieve inflamed skin and calms the digestion after eating unusual foods often at irregular travel hours.
  • Almonds - helps you avoid awful airport food which is simply sugary and oily trans fats.
Bon voyage!

Top 10 Tips to Happiness

The industry of happiness is becoming big business with experts and gurus from Deepak Chopra to Robert Holden so what makes life sweeter and more satisfying? "Your happiness is with you 100 percent of the time" says Robert Holden but the reason we do not always feel it, is we are too busy giving ourselves a hard time. It starts with a choice so "remind yourself often that happiness is not something to achieve. Happiness is something you accept."

Surprisingly, Holden has found that life circumstances have little to do with being happy and more to do with knowing how to enjoy life and make positive choices regardless of how much you earn, how well you have performed or what house you live in. As such, the more authentic you are or the more you simply be yourself  and live by what really matters to you, the more happiness you experience.

Top 10 Tips to Happiness include:

  1. Follow your Joy - whatever brings you that zest or makes you laugh, do it!
  2. Happiness is a Choice - change your attitude and allow today to be even more enjoyable than you thought it would be.
  3. Clarity - live by what really matters to you and your values. There are so many choices but feel what resonates with you as having them all won't make you any happier.
  4. Let Go - release grievances and forgive. You can't change the past and the person who it is really hurting is yourself.
  5. Give Love - no matter what is happening, love through it. Make it your daily intention, mantra, prayer, meditation to love despite and because of everything!
  6. Express Gratitude - make a list of everything you are grateful for in your life - the fabled shortcut to happiness.
  7. Create your own Financial Wellbeing - living within your means relieves you of enormous pressure.  Research shows people with financial wellbeing don't get into debt and spend money on experiences rather than things. Giving to a cause or charity can make you feel better about yourself and connects you with something bigger than yourself and to your community. 
  8. Nourish Yourself - Make time for yourself and start listening to your real desires and needs. Spend an hour a week to fill your self-love bank account with something you really love doing or to nourish yourself.
  9. Exercise and Sleep - both are critical for a positive mindset, to reduce stress and to make healthy eating choices. Even if it's a half hour walk a day, get into the habit today - where in your day can you fit it in? Walk to work, walk up escalators, go outside for lunch. Exercise improves your sleep so get to bed early and avoid caffeine!
  10. Friends - communicating with at least 2-3 people that you consider true friends on a regular, if not daily, basis helps foster trust and support. Friendship is not something you are given but which you develop by putting in time and effort. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself and with whom you can share. There's nothing better than having a laugh with a friend!

Health Tips So You Perform Like An Olympian

1. Hydrate Hydration is the key to optimising your performance. The simplest advice is to drink enough water prior to exercise to avoid dehydration, but avoid over-drinking which can increase the risk of hyponatremia, not enough sodium or salt. But how much is enough? That depends on how much sweat you're losing, which you can gauge by stepping on a scale before and after a workout. If you lose more than 2% of your body weight (e.g. 1.4kg for 70kg runner) increase your fluid intake next time out. If you have gained any weight at all, cut back in future sessions. If you are a heavy sweater, or if you finish workouts with your skin and clothes caked with white residue, your diet should contain enough salt to replace those losses. Gatorade is popular but it is also full of artificial colouring and flavouring, making it not the best choice. Alternatively you can make your own electrolyte drink with 1 tsp of salt to a litre of diluted apple juice. Coconut water is also a natural and excellent source of electrolytes for re-hydration.  Ask yourself 3 questions each morning: 1) Am I thirsty? 2) Is my urine dark yellow? 3) Is my body weight down more than 2% from the dark before?

2. Fuel Your Body Proper is essential for optimum performance. Never skip meals when training as it slows your metabolism down and hinders your performance. Skip the sugars, lolly binges and junk food - many athletes believe they can eat anything because they will simply burn it off! However, unless you are exercising more than two hours, sugars will only lower your immune system, cause blood sugar spikes and pits, fatigue, mood swings and deplete you of minerals e.g. Magnesium. Every meal should have a portion of protein to help with muscle repair and recovery. Plan ahead - never leave the house without healthy snacks e.g fruit and nuts.

3. The 80/20 Rule Eat 80% of the time to nourish and fuel your body but we are all human, so it is alright to give yourself a treat once a week. Also by never getting hungry and never getting too full, you will allow your metabolism to work for you rather than against you. You lose weight faster and increase your energy by eating more often, rather than starving for hours and then overeating.

4. Timing Is Everything Your meal before a race should ideally be eaten two hours prior consisting of medium GI carbohydrates (not wholegrain as it is difficult to digest) e.g. nut spread on wholemeal toast with fruit. After exercising, you have a 20 minute window in which to replenish your muscle glycogen stores. Muscles that are not refueled can lead to a reduction in lean muscle mass. Most professional athletes will take the time to eat their meals, something the rest of us should follow to improve digestive and give the body a more accurate sense of feeling full. Avoid eating on the run - give yourself 20 minutes to sit and eat.

5. Banish The Gremlin In the weeks or months prior become aware of your negative self talk and practice refocusing your attention on your training. Visualise your race from your preparation prior, your warm up, your race plan and final outcome. Actually imagine and feel yourself in the race so that it becomes second nature to you, convincing the brain that this is exactly how you will perform. To keep your mind on track write some positive affirmations on your ultimate racing ability!

6. Rest And Repair If you are doing more than 1 hour of exercise a day, you will need to rest and sleep more than usual so listen to your body! Nominate a rest day each week when you do no exercise to allow your body to rest and repair and you will find that you perform better and faster for the rest of the week. Most people forget but stretching after you exercise when the muscles are warm helps reduce lactic acid, muscle soreness and stiffness. Deep breathing helps control stress and nerves, which athletes report improves cardiovascular endurance and less fatigue. Breathe in through the nose for 4 seconds and out for 6 seconds.

7. Grab Your Own Gold Medal Everyone has their own Olympic Games - no matter how small or big. The most important thing is not winning, but simply to take part. Just as the most important thing in life is not the goal in the end but the journey. So have a go and enjoy it! With a positive attitude, miracles can occur. Go for it!


Book Your August Consultation Soon

Chasing the mountain sun! I'm heading over to the USA from 21st August - 4th September. This trip will be mainly business, with a touch of pleasure thrown in (yippee). I will be going to the Wake Up Festival in the beautiful mountains of Colorado and to do the DNA 3 ThetaHealing course in Idaho Falls. My practice will be closed for 2 weeks so book your appointments now for August as they are filling up fast. I will be back in practice on 5th September revitalised and inspired with all of the latest health tips and tricks.


Lemon and Thyme Poached Blue Eye Cod with Leek Quinoa and Steamed Vegetables

Blue Eye Cod is a deep sea fish (wild, not farmed) and is rich in Omega 3 oils. Quinoa is a gluten-free South American grain eaten by the Incas, that has been touted as a superfood due to its high vitamin and mineral content. This dish is mixed with the crisp flavours of lemon, thyme and leeks.

Ingredients - Serves 2
- 3/4 cup quinoa
- 1 1/2 cup of water
- 2 Blue eye cod fillets
- 1 Tb Extra virgin olive oil
- Juice of 1 lemon
- 1/2 tsp dried thyme
- 1 tsp grated lemon zest
- 1 Tb of coconut oil
- 1/4 bunch of finely chopped parsley
- 1/2 sliced leek
- 1/2 head of broccoli
- 1 large carrot, peeled and sliced lengthways
- 1 bunch of bok choy sliced in half

Cooking Instructions:
Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Place Blue eye cod fillets in baking dish with olive oil smeared over them. Add 1/2 cup of water to the baking dish. Sprinkle with dried thyme, juice of half a lemon and salt and pepper to taste. Place in the oven, covered with a lid for 30-40 minutes, depending on thickness of fillets.

Bring quinoa and 1/2 cup of water to boil in a small saucepan. Reduce to a simmer, cover and cook for 10 minutes. Turn off the heat and leave the covered saucepan on the stove for another 5 minutes.

Melt 1 Tb of coconut oil in a frying pan and quickly cook sliced leek until soft. Add quinoa, juice of half a lemon, 1 tsp of lemon zest, chopped parsley and salt and pepper to taste. Heat through for 1 minute, then remove from stove.

Place carrots and broccoli in steamer and lightly steam for 3 minutes. Add bok choy and steam for a further 1 minute.

Arrange on plate with blue eye cod, quinoa and steamed vegetables.

By Claudette


Should I Or My Children Have The HPV Immunisation?

Following on from yesterday's blog about the dreaded, but ever so important Pap smear, I thought it apt to share some of the research evidence that has come to light about the new HPV vaccine, Gardasil.

Australia is the first country in the world to administer the HPV immunization initiative. Gardasil is a genetically engineered vaccine given free to all girls aged 12-17 years and as announced recently, to boys aged 12-13 years from 2013 in Australia. It contains only 4 types out of the 100 strains of HPV, so it does not prevent infection from all strains. Gardasil has been shown in studies to reduce the incidence of CIN II precursor lesions but, as has been raised by many doctors, it is unlikely to reduce the level of cancer. It is well known that a healthy immune system naturally clears any HPV infection within 2 years anyway and Pap smears are still necessary every two years, despite vaccination. 

Federal Health Minister Tanya Pilbersek has stated "We know that it's a safe vaccine". However, according to information obtained by Channel 7 under a Freedom of Information claim, 681 reactions to Gardasil were reported to ADRAC (the Adverse Drug Reactions Advisory Committee) as of January 30, 2008 with more than a third of these women not recovered after 6 months. The Journal of the American Medical Association reports "It is important to emphasise that the vaccine is supported by limited efficacy and safety data".

The Health Minister, Tanya Pilbersek has stated that all vaccines in Australia undergo stringent testing by experts. Unfortunately, according to our own TGA (the Therapeutic Goods Administration), vaccines are not tested in Australia for either safety or effectiveness. Gardasil's pre-licensure tests were performed overseas and were funded by the manufacturer of the drug. During this testing, 17 deaths were reported and a very large number of reactions (more than 90% of those tested reported at least one systemic reaction). Despite this, the vaccine is registered for use in Australia.

On 12 January 2012 the Annals of Medicine published a ground-breaking peer-reviewed paper written by renowned researchers Tomljenovic, PhD, and Shaw, PhD from University of British Columbia, Canada, citing that the HPV vaccine is neither justified by long-term health benefits (what, if any, is yet to be proven), economically viable, nor is there any evidence (even if it is proven effective against cervical cancer) that it will reduce the level of cervical cancer beyond what Pap screening has already achieved.

Long term effects of the vaccine are unknown but there have been reports of autoimmune diseases including arthritis and multiple sclerosis. The list of serious adverse reactions to the vaccine as detailed by The Financial Times and the Sunday Telegraph (06/07/2008) include fever, hyperventilation, bronchospasm, anaphylaxis, tinnitus, tremors, tingling, paralysis, Bells Palsy, Guillian-Barre Syndrome, blood clotting, chronic fatigue syndrome, deep vein thrombosis, seizures and deaths.

Four Melbourne school girls were rushed to hospital after receiving the vaccine in 2007. India halted trials of the vaccine in 2008 due to a number of deaths of the women involved. The European Medicines Agency reports 16 deaths of women after being given the vaccine in Austria and Germany. In the USA the numbers are increasing every year. The causes of death include blood clots, acute respiratory distress, cardiac arrest and "sudden death due to unknown cause", which are obviously uncommon for teenagers! The vaccines must not be given during pregnancy as it causes spontaneous abortion and foetal abnormalities.

There is also concern it will encourage young women to have unprotected sexual intercourse at a younger age without concern of HPV infection, which is untrue as only 4 types of HPV are covered. The vaccine also contains aluminium as an adjuvant which is a toxic heavy metal for the nervous system. 

Considering the above evidence, I do not recommend the Gardasil vaccine to be given to anyone regardless of age or gender.


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