Our story:
After trying to conceive naturally for two years and going through one round of IVF treatment, both unsuccessful, we decided to consult Claudette Wadsworth who was recommended to me by a friend. Claudette was an immense support and consumate professional when it came to the consultation, understanding our personal circumstances and what we wanted to achieve. Claudette left no rock unturned, her attention to our overall wellbeing, state of mind and general health were her main focus which in turn saw us through many positive stages in our preconception phase.

Claudette's attention to detail and thoroughness i.e going through blood work results changed everything for us. After discovering a gluten intolerance, further examination from a specialist confirmed I was Coeliac and within seven weeks of removing gluten entirely from my diet I fell pregnant.

Claudette taught us how to positively approach and embrace a healthier lifestyle. Claudette proved to us how important your diet is. Claudette guided, educated us and informed us on vital areas we needed to focus on and were unsure of. Claudette gave us back control with no drugs and no needles and now have a beautiful little girl as a result.

I can't speak highly enough about Claudette and her dedication to our individual case. We loved working with her and will continue to do so in the near future. Enjoy the snap!

Thanks again Claudette!

Christian, Lisa and Ella”, Paddington NSW

Claudette is an exceptional holistic practitioner who has a depth of expertise in myriad therapeutic areas. Claudette's consultations and care have assisted myself in recovery from major surgery through to everyday nutritional advice and support during major sporting events. I have been extremely pleased with the outcomes.

Claudette has a wealth of knowledge that is well researched and intuitive to your individual needs. Her care and passion for her clients is second to none!

A. Hewitt, Bondi NSW


Claudette has been instrumental to turning many aspects of my life around over a number of years. My health has changed significantly for the positive during this time. I have also gained some much needed mental balance and perspective. I wouldn’t be where I am today in both my personal and business life without her support. While I understand Claudette works with people from all walks of life, I highly recommend her services to those who struggle with work life balance or have put their profession ahead of their health.”

Mark K., Sydney NSW


"My husband and I will be forever grateful to Claudette. We had 3 gorgeous boys and, always knowing we wanted a fourth child, thought we would try for a girl with our last pregnancy. After seeing Claudette and following her recommendations to conceive a girl we were thrilled to discover after only a few months we were expecting our fourth child. Our gorgeous, happy and healthy Amelie was born on 27.3.12. Her brothers love her to bits (as do we)! "

R.P and M.P, Gymea NSW 2227


Claudette has a wonderful caring and sincere approach. She evaluates results from doctors and offers excellent current information and advice on specific concerns and general on-going good health.

D.P. Edgecliff NSW


Discover the path to vibrant living for yourself

When I became aware of a prostrate problem, I came across an article published by Claudette. I subsequently visited a medical specialist who confirmed that the information in the article was accurate, so I made an appointment with Claudette. I have found Claudette to be very dedicated and caring. On a number of occasions, she has called me to check on my condition. Over the years she has added to her impressive qualifications to concentrate on women’s health. I can highly recommend Claudette, due to her knowledge, experience and caring nature

Geoff, Crows Nest NSW


I had the good fortune to come across Claudette Wadsworth on the internet some years ago when I was seeking drug-free ways to treat infertility and PCOS. Her incredible knowledge, calm and grounded manner, and gentle supportiveness enabled me to implement long-term change and health improvements and we now have 2 beautiful daughters as testimony to this!

My own knowledge of how to support well-being naturally, both for myself and my family, has grown immensely through my contact with Claudette. I trust her practices implicitly – she has a wealth of experience and keeps very up to date with the latest research to support what she does. Claudette utilises a variety of proven disciplines, including referrals to medical diagnostics where indicated, to achieve real results.

I return to Claudette whenever my health needs a boost. She has helped me immeasurably through many phases of my life, from pre-conception, pregnancy, post-natal, as well as my everyday health.

I can highly recommend Claudette to anyone wanting to tackle chronic illness and/or build better health.”

Rae Dahm, Belfield NSW


My family’s health and well being has improved tremendously from Claudette’s naturopathic advice. Claudette has treated all the members of my family including my 84 year old mother who had bad ulcers on her ankles, my iron deficient, exhausted daughter studying the HSC, my coffee and sugar addicted husband. Well mum’s ulcers disappeared, my daughter did really well in her HSC and my husband felt more energetic yet relaxed. I’m a coeliac and my digestion really improved with Claudette so I think she is a miracle worker, not to mention the loveliest person.

Susan Hely, Bronte NSW



I was thrilled to hear that Claudette was re-opening her business as I missed her personal attention and thorough care combined with the convenience of obtaining health products. I believe Claudette's specialised health care is vital to ones total well-being.

Margaret Forres, Orange NSW



I have been a patient of Claudette's for over 5 yrs and during that time her warmth, professionalism and understanding of women's issues in particular has shone through. I first started seeing Claudette when trying to conceive my first child - to ensure I was in the best possible health and to give myself the best chance at conceiving - and it worked! I also kept in touch throughout my second pregnancy and used her 'magic herbs' to help with everything from all-day-sickness to preparing myself for two natural, drug free births. I also turn to Claudette when I am looking for alternative, natural therapies to treat my kids. I would highly recommend Claudette to anyone looking for a caring, highly trained and knowledgeable health practitioner.

Belinda F, Berowra NSW


We employed Claudette as a Doula for the birth of our third child.
Having employed a Doula for the birth of our second child, we had an idea of what kind of service to expect, but Claudette far exceeded our expectations. Claudette brought a wealth of practical knowledge along with incredible emotional and physical support throughout the whole process. Her knowledge of women’s health needs and how best to support those needs through the pregnancy and birth and beyond was a wonderful addition to her natural calm, kind and compassionate nature. Claudette was there for us every step of the way – from the initial visits where our two older children who were present at the birth could become acquainted with her, through a 3am false alarm, to the birth and post-partum. Claudette was always available, yet never intrusive. We can not imagine anyone better suited to the role of Doula. We feel very fortunate to have had Claudette help us bring our little Charlie into the world as naturally and calmly as possible.
Thank you Claudette!

Judith Hocking and Masahiro Takatsuka


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