Claudette treats women of all ages to regain optimum health and energy by confidently taking control of their hormonal and reproductive lives. She is dedicated to offering the best, scientifically researched natural methods for hormonal balance and fertility.

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Women's Health

Premenstrual syndrome PMS

Period pain

Polycystic ovaries/ovarian syndrome PCOS




Fibrocystic breasts



Low libido

Ovarian cysts

Amenorrhea: absence of periods

Natural Contraception

Recovery from terminations

Weight Concerns

Thyroid Imbalances

Natural Fertility Management

Preconception health care for any couple wishing to conceive


IVF support to increase chances of success by maximising quality of embryos

Premature ovarian failure

Miscarriage support

Gender Selection

Pregnancy Support & remedies

Birth preparation

Post-natal care for mothers & breastfeeding support

Post-natal care for babies including colic, nappy rash, excessive crying, sleep disturbances & reflux

Children's health

"It is my mission to educate, inspire and empower women of all ages to regain their confidence, understanding and control of their own reproductive lives."

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detailing the importance of preconception health care

As a proud member of our community, Claudette is passionate about sharing what she has learned on her own personal life journey and making a difference in other women's lives.

Discover the path to vibrant living for yourself

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Self worth is not measured by the size of your thighs or your breasts but by the breadth of your dreams and the depth of your love.


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